The Idiot Box

I am not one of those snobs that think television is for the inadequate or the brain dead, but it saddens me that so many of the people in charge of what we watch clearly do. I am sick and tired at watching television programs that are seemingly aimed at people who lack even the basic intelligence. Why should they be catered for, why not treat everyone like they have a working brain? Oh how the world would change then.

The program that immediately springs to mind to exemplify this problem, is the disturbingly popular ‘Little Britain’. Presumably the people who enjoy this are on some sort of NHS waiting list for a sense humour transplant. For how else can a program that relies on almost the exact same set up for the exact same jokes week after week become loved and adored by so many people. I just do not understand how hearing the words, “I want that one” or “I’m a lady” can possibly be considered comedy gold. Catch phrases are for people who need to be told when to laugh. Again, why cater for them?


How very amusing

If the programs aren’t bad enough the adverts are even worse. Cillit Bang anyone? If you’ve got no idea about how to market you product, the answer is to apparently get a man who shouts at the viewers! Excuse me but I have not had a lobotomy, I will understand if you speak in a normal tone of voice. But, oh how I long to see another Penny test. Not.

Cillit Bang

The worlds most punchable face?

So, why do I continue to watch television with it’s plethora of mind numbing dullards? For every David Walliams (Hero of comedy my arse), Russell (Look I know a long and antiquated word) Brand and Little Miss Jocelyn(Who else suspects quota filling?) , there is the odd chink of light. People like Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais, Steven Merchant and Larry David should be paraded in the streets, with flags, music and fawning women throwing their underwear at them. What we need is a serious effort to dumb up our television, or god help us.


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